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***PopUp Coin***

Dear Bitcointalk community,

With all the media focus around digital global payment systems, such as the recently launched stable coin, hidden under the guise of a true ‘crypto coin’, we are pleased to announce the launch of PopUp Coin.

PopUp coin is the revolutionary way for consumers to pay for their lifestyle at entertainment venues, when eating out with family & friends, or buying the latest ‘must haves’.

PopUp Coin is disrupting financial services & the retail sector to resolve a global issue.

Economic prosperity & Retail - Consumer spending supports the global economy. If we stop buying goods and stop spending at entertainment and hospitality venues, global economic prosperity would slow down. The retail sector is transforming significantly across the globe. E-commerce is expected to grow by 249% to £3.2 trillion and physical retail is set to rise with the increasing trend of more Pop Up stores. This transformation requires payment systems to be revolutionised to facilitate transactions in a more efficient way. Digital currency solutions provide a breakthrough to lots of the challenges the sector faces.

Financial services - payment platforms are currently limited or restricted for those who need it most — those impacted by cost, reliability, and the ability to seamlessly send money. Hard-earned income is eroded by fees from remittances and in wire costs to overdraft and ATM charges.

By collaborating with the financial sector, including regulators and experts across retail and other industries, we have ensured that a sustainable, secure and trusted framework underpins this new system. PopUp Coin will provide a lower-cost, more accessible, and more connected global financial system.

Reviving Retail sector - Making it easier and cheaper to make payments.
Popup Coin will not only allow people to purchase goods cheaper and easier, but it will also inject some much-needed impetus into the global retail sector. The sector has regrettably led many retailers to resort to ‘discounting’ in order to capture more sales. This adversely impacts brands, creating a vicious cycle race to the bottom of the retail sector!

For example, a consumer saw a new item they wanted to buy on Monday. It retails for £100 or 100 PopUp Coins (£1 per PuP). The stable growth of the coin will see it increase daily (reasons we will detail later) By the time we reach Saturday the price has risen to £1.25 per PuP. The consumer can buy the item with 100 Pups and still have £25 spare to buy other items in the store, or hold coins for further investment (far better returns than new spending & investing apps like Moneybox) - Resulting in a sale with the feel-good factor knowing that they are getting a great deal.

Subsequently, the retailer does not have to discount their goods/brands, and importantly they can hold coins that they can convert to fiat (at minimal cost) or hold and benefit from the upside investment value of the coin to add additional income stream/profit to their business.

Simply put, consumers spend less and generate profit to buy other goods, while retailers also make more revenue!

Benefits for Consumers & Retailers:
As card payment technology evolves, so should the payment options retailers offer their customers. From small local retailers to large corporate enterprises, PopUp Coin is partnering with businesses across the world. Whether businesses are taking payments in-store, online, in-app or on the go, our payments solutions are easy to use, convenient, and secure. PopUp Coin will help to deliver the experience customers expect, wherever and however they want to pay.

Benefits for Retailers:
- Fees reduced - transaction fees will significantly reduce (just a mining fee, which will be 0.0005%)

- Eliminate fraud - no chargebacks

- Profit from the value of coin reserves (or can convert to fiat instantaneously)

- AI enabled management information platform with optional consumer reward/loyalty programs packages

Benefits for Consumers:
- No FX charges for overseas payments

- Easy to use and secure

- Loyalty program offers

- Profit from the value of coin reserves (or can convert to fiat instantaneously)

Investment value of the coin:
Importantly our coin is a true Altcoin, which can be mined and there is value creation. The core system will allow consumers or retailers to convert PopUp Coin to other currencies (Fiat and cryptocurrencies) at minimal cost (mining fees of X) should they wish. Or they can choose to hold currency, which against a stable growth strategy we anticipate an upward trend of the coin.

A key measure for price growth is the limited pool of coins, and also mining controlled by a mining pool as well as working with selected exchanges to support our coin value strategy of incremental growth.

What’s next?
Our team has held detailed discussions with merchant acquiring payment gateways and leading retail groups. We will be launching our own payment platform soon. In addition, following these discussions, we have already held back (by way of pre-mine) the required availability of the coin for retailers.

This will allow instant global scale, making it the coin of choice for retailers and consumers alike. Importantly our company ethos has been to keep PopUp Coin a decentralised coin, which is not made for a select few conglomerates but a “coin for the people” and therefore at this early stage we are sharing the coin and encourage it to be mined.

Take advantage today by engaging with us early and start your mining.

Coin Specs

  • Source branch - 0.12

  • Algorithm - X11

  • Block type - Proof-of-Work

  • Coin name - PopUp

  • Coin abbreviation - PUP

  • Address letter - P

  • Address letter testnet - U

  • Coin unit - Pop

  • RPC port - 10491

  • P2P port - 10492

  • Block reward - 60 coins

  • Block halving - 4000000 blocks

  • Coin supply - 700000000 coins

  • Pre-mine amount - 220000000 coins

  • Master node reward - 65%

  • Master node amount - 10000 coins

  • Master node confirmations - 15

  • Coinbase maturity - 15 blocks

  • Target spacing - 1 minutes

  • Target timespan - 10 minutes

  • Transaction confirmations - 6 blocks

  • Last block with reward - 132000000

  • Time until last block - 250 years, 11 months, 21 days, 16 hours

We want to give everyone the opportunity to mine coins. Giving everyone ample time and opportunity during the early stages as well as creating a tiered pool for processing power, we hope this will create a fair environment for everyone to mine and earn some PopUp. (roughly 40 Telegram members)

Pre-mine is to pay developer and listing fees as follows
40% Dev fees and 60% Listing fees (Blockchain and Retail listing fees).

Pre-mine will only be put on sale after the coin is launched.
No pre-sales shall occur.
This is Not an ICO.

We will be keeping our PopUp ANN as updated as possible and are looking for a full-time graphics designer, we will be posting all our job posts on our website.


**DM an Admin in Telegram for bounty payments**


First Exchange: 20000 PUP

Second Exchange: 15000 PUP

Third Exchange: 10000 PUP

Dedicated Explorer: 5000 PUP

Discord Bot: 10000 PUP

Telegram Bot: 10000 PUP


Pool 1: 1000 PUP

Pool 2: 750 PUP

Pool 3: 500 PUP


250 PUP per language

Official Links

Website URL: https://www.popup.money (constantly updated)
Github URL: https://github.com/popupcoin/PopUp-Coin
Mining Pool: http://pool.popupcoins.com
Web Wallet: https://wallet.popupcoins.com
Block Explorer: http://explorer.popupcoins.com

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